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The Daubert Tracker maintains the country's largest repository of documents associated with evidentiary gatekeeping cases. Our collection includes opinions, briefs, docket sheets, transcripts and other documents. Most of the documents have come directly from trial and appellate courts, law libraries and various other repositories of legal documents.

Certain documents, most notably deposition, trial and hearing transcripts, are not readily available from the sources listed above. We have decided that an expeditious way of increasing our collection of transcripts and other related documents is to collect them directly from our registrants and subscribers.

As a means of incentivizing submissions, in the very near future, subscribers or registrants who submit documents will be eligible for commissions when posted documents are sold to other subscribers. Those subscribers who post their documents now will be notified as soon as our "document brokering" system is enabled and in the interim will receive site credit .

If you have a document to submit now, you will notified within three (3) business days whether or not your document qualifies for admission into our document database. If it does, you will be given site credit. If not, the document will be deleted from our system.

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